Quebec – Lachine

Recyclage de Papier Hanna Ltée.  – Lachine
1810 – 46 Avenue
Lachine, QC, H8T 2P2

Tel:  514-636-7636
Fax:  514-636-7510

NAID® Member

Sales Contacts:  Marck Serapian &
                                     Claude Bélanger
Tel:  514-636-7636  ext. 3225 & 3226
E-mail: &          

Managing Partner:  Michael Knox, President


  • Michael has been in the paper recycling industry since 1987.
  • He joined the Hanna Paper Group in 1992.
  • In 1995, Michael, along with some of the current staff, established Hanna’s first Quebec division: Recyclage de Papier Hanna, in Montreal.
  • In 2001, with overwhelming success in the Quebec marketplace, Recyclage de Papier Hanna opened an additional facility in the Beauce region to service clients closer to the Quebec City area.
  • In 2013, Michael was promoted to President of The Hanna Group of Companies.
  • Today, Hanna’s two Quebec facilities employ over 40 people from the province and continues to be the leader in Quebec’s paper recycling industry.